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We strive to remain at the forefront of technological advances to ensure our products are of the highest quality...

All raw milk arriving into our production plant is processed through high spec technology, starting with our in-house lactoscope. Within minutes of milk arriving on site, we can provide rapid analysis of milk and creams for fat, FPD and protein content.


With 3 pasteurisers and an ammonia plant on site, we currently pasteurise 64,500 litres of milk per hour.  We are able to increase the temperature of the milk from 5C up to at least 72C, and then back down to below 5C again, at a rate of almost 18 litres per second! We are always looking to increase production speed, and having multiple processing lines has allowed us to steadily achieve this. They also provide the reliability to keep production running in the event that one processor is temporarily out of service, for example during routine servicing, thus meaning no disruption to milk or cream supply for our customers.

Our production plant is also home to 3 palletising robots. Bottles leaving the production lines are wrapped and received by one of our 3 robots, and automatically placed into trolleys, greatly increasing our production speed and efficiency.

Milk that has been processed through the production line and is ready to be loaded and shipped, is lined into our wi-fi temperature controlled fridges. Continual monitoring of the temperature through wi-fi controls, ensures that our fridges remain at the optimum temperature, and the produce ready to ship is the best quality it can be.

Our product is assured by the Red Tractor Logo displayed on all our packaging, and we hold the below accreditations:

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