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Our Customers

We work closely with our customers across all sectors of the liqiud milk market...

We deliver pergals, trays and bags of milk and cream into a multitude of manufacturing, catering, and restaurant facilities of all sizes. We understand the importance of timely deliveries within this sector, and work closely with our customers to provide a quality service.


Supplying to large and small wholesale retailers alike, we directly supply bottles of milk and cream, along with associated dairy products. Wholesalers of all sizes trust our reliable delivery service and exceptional product, day in day out.


We are proud to supply some of the UK's most recognised retailers. Our produce is stocked in many large blue-chip retailers, along with hundreds of smaller community driven shops. We are able to cater to retailers of all sizes with direct doorstep delivery, or larger volumes direct into central distribution depots.


Factories and manufacturers who require their milk in bulk are also supplied directly by ourselves. Our fleet of tankers deliver up to 28,500 litres per delivery of bulk liquid milk, direct into processing plants, with multiple deliveries per day if required.

Our product is assured by the Red Tractor Logo displayed on all our packaging, and we hold the below accreditations:

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