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Our Farmers

We work closely with over 100 farmers across the North of England, to provide the best quality milk products...

Our farming partners and their herds are the backbone of our business. Together, for over 30 years, we have built a trusting relationship which provides a healthy living for farmers, and the highest quality milk and associated products to the Nation.

Over 100 farmers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East, rely on us to collect their produce and transport into our plant for processing. Many have worked with us across multiple generations, and will continue to do so going forward. Charles has a close relationship with the farms we partner with, and understands their businesses well, having farmed for many years himself.


All our farming partners ensure their herds are cared for according to the Welfare of Dairy Cattle standards, and strictly adhering to the Code of Practice for Quality of Milk Production, as well as the Five Freedoms set out by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.  This means we can be assured that the herds are well cared for and the milk they produce is of the highest quality.

The pricing structure for milk changes regularly, but Paynes Dairies is committed to achieving the best possible prices for milk, and passing that on to the producers. If you are a farmer interested in working with Paynes Dairies, please contact us here.

Our product is assured by the Red Tractor Logo displayed on all our packaging, and we hold the below accreditations:

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